Where better to be when civilization ends

Where better to be when civilization ends

Supposing human civilization is over, where do you have the best chance of survival? What is the best country to travel to?

Where better to be when civilization ends

What if human civilization ended? Aside from the fact that sometimes and in some places it seems the time has come: what better place to escape to in such a situation? Researchers at Anglia Ruskin University in England wanted to find out. And we’re a little unlucky here in the Netherlands: New Zealand turns out to be the best place to escape the global collapse of civilization.

In the research they looked at self-reliance, land fertility, and isolation. Thus New Zealand came out on top, followed by Iceland, England, Australia (especially Tasmania) and Ireland. These are all relatively well isolated places, where there is enough fertile land for each inhabitant and where there is also enough knowledge and technology, for example, to generate energy for a long time. If the Dutch manage to get away on time, then pursuing England or Ireland is the best option.

Read more about the research here: New Zealand is best for surviving avalanche.

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