Kampong hockey players beat Pinoké, SCHC down


UTRECHT In the first hockey league, Kampong from Utrecht won the visit of Pinnock with a score of 1-2. SCHC also played an away game. Belethoven’s men fell 4-1 at Klein Zwizzerland.

After 11 matches, Kampong is second in the standings. The difference with the leader Blomendal six points. SCHC is penultimate with six points, ahead of the losing finalist Hurley.

Kampong makes it unnecessarily exciting

Kampong took the lead in the second quarter. With a penalty kick, it was specialist and club scorer Jeb Jansen who put 0-1 on the scoreboard. Ten minutes later, Jonas de Geus made it 0-2 with a big pass.

After the break it got exciting again after Pinnock scored the calling goal. Niklas Whelen took care of 1-2. The margin remained small, but Kampong held out until the three points went to Utrecht.
Pinoc – Kampong (Main Class)

21′ Jeb Janssen (0-1)
31′ Jonas de Guess (0-2)
47′ Wave Nicklas (1-2)

SCHC No match for Little Switzerland

Little Switzerland took a 2-0 lead in the second quarter with a two-stroke by Aki Kepler. He scored in the 23rd and 28th minute.

After the break, small Switzerland scored 3-0 quickly through Nicolas Santiago Keenan. Bob Cleova made 3-1 on behalf of SCHC. However, the victory of the home team was no longer in danger, because three minutes after the goal of Bilethoven, Nick van Trijt made the score 4-1.

At the end of the match, SCHC made the score 4-2. But at the last moment, Tim Brand set the final score on behalf of the home team with a 5-2 draw.
Little Switzerland – SCHC (Major League)

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23′ Aki Kepler (1-0)
28′ Aki Kepler (2-0)
37′ Nicolas Santiago Keenan (3-0)
44′ Bob Cleova (3-1)
47′ Nick Van Trijt (4-1)
68′ NNB (4-2)
70′ Tim Brand (5-2)

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