Where are Vivaldi’s “helmets”?

Where are Vivaldi's "helmets"?

In Belgian politics, France is often seen. “When it rains in Paris, it rains in Brussels,” a saying for a reason. But the regularly sought-after “guide country” in the Netherlands. The strict closure of the northern neighbors can serve as an example for Belgian politicians, and the decisions in the new coalition agreement of the Rutte IV government are scrutinized with suspicion.

For example, the Flemish government looks with some jealousy at the €25 billion that the new Dutch government is borrowing to tackle the nitrogen problem. The Flemish budget provides “barely” 100 million euros. And the decision to build two new nuclear power plants was eagerly embraced in the Belgian debate on phasing out nuclear power.

George Louis BushesThe MR chief came to repeat on “The Seventh Day” that “Plan A (the nuclear exit) is dead.” Who CD & V Deputy Prime Minister Vincent van Bettieghem He reluctantly admits that no decision can actually be made until there is certainty about the security of supply.

green deputy prime minister Petra de SotShe admitted in “Morning” on Radio 1 that she did not rule out Plan B (with nuclear power plants), although the Green Deputy Prime Minister said she expected more security of supply from Plan A, without nuclear power plants, than from Plan B, with power plants. Which Bart de WeverThe N-VA chief at VRT accused Groen of bowing out.


So it is urgent that the Prime Minister Crowe – Who is the prime minister when the agenda controls – imposes the decision. Otherwise, this file threatens to get embroiled in contradictions, and that would be a failure in the style of work of the Chancellery.

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By the way, he’s the head of PS Paul Magnet who criticized the prime minister’s style of Kanak: “We need more preparation and more texts. (…) You don’t build trust this way. At Het Laatste Nieuws, Magnette compared the government to a Fiat: “The first thousand kilometers it goes sometimes, and then it shuts down without any problems.”

But we’re not there yet, for now, Fiat is making headway in fits and starts. Despite the fact that the Magnette finds Fiat a rickety car, many seem to want to ride in it.

The “L’invité” on RTL gave Maxime Prevot, head of the CDH (opposition party at all levels), admitted that he would accept a call to replace MR in all governments with both hands. This change of power has been common in French-speaking Belgium in recent days, although the CDH chief admitted he had not been invited yet.

George Louis Bushes freaks out, it shows. De Wever described him as “Vivaldi’s dark blue scourge”, and Bart de Wever, who shares his stance against nuclear exit, openly described him as “not a team player”. Bart de Wever believed that Bushes, in his views, would have been better off forming a government with the N-VA, rather than “riding the wrong train from Vivaldi.”

Incidentally, the article in De Tijd proves that he is indeed popular in Flanders, where he is often seen as a “true” liberal, unlike members of his party in the Open VLD. It buys little for popularity, Bouchez has to get votes in French-speaking Belgium, this Flemish popularity hardly helps there, Charles Michel has experienced this before.

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Thus, the Vivaldi Fiat is a little overloaded, the driver is a little helpless and absent-minded, and some passengers sometimes pull the steering wheel to consolidate their position. However, Vivaldi’s government wanted it to be “the starting point for doing politics in a different way”. And when he took office, Prime Minister de Croo quoted Michael Jordan as saying that “Talent makes you win competitions, but to become champions you have to work together.”

Probably all passengers should get out of the Fiat and get it into motion. I think N-VA still has a lot of HELFIE movies and posters, the whole community pushing such a stationary car into motion. N-VA will probably want to dispose of it and it can be recycled for a small amount. Because without all the driving hands, Fiat Vivaldi threatens to shut down.

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Source: vrtnws.be and ‘The Morning’

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