WhatsApp trick | What’s up chatting: a cool trick to know!

WhatsApp Trick
WhatsApp, a platform for chatting service, is widely used to send messages, make video and audio calls, and share pictures. But did you know you can also use this as a personal diary? WhatsApp has the ability to do your own chat. There is a simple trick to send yourself any important notes, lists, photos, or any important files.

Things that WhatsApp users usually do:

Suddenly you may need to store important notes, such as a list, password, or link to a website. Usually, in a situation like this, users will send those notes to the people closest to them on WhatsApp. In this case, the important things that you only need to know go to other people. But with this trick nobody will but you will see the message with your important notes.

What’s up a trick

How to chat with yourself on WhatsApp:

1. This method is very easy. Firstly, open any web browser like Google Chrome from your mobile phone. After typing wa.me// you must enter your phone number along with the country code number. For example, let’s say your WhatsApp number is 9999119999. You need to type wa.me//+919999119999 in your browser.

3. Now he will have the option to continue chatting. It should be topping.

4. Now you will go directly to the WhatsApp chat page. The first example would be your phone number.

5. With it, you can send messages, important notes, pictures, videos, and files just like any other chat.

6. If you want, you can install this whip on your phone. This way, you can open your chat page whenever you need to choose something.

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