WhatsApp: This is how you can finally hear voice messages faster

WhatsApp: This is how you can finally hear voice messages faster

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Who does not know: After waking up, you look at your cell phone and see: a voice message via WhatsApp that lasts for minutes from your partner, mother or best friend. Hearing this monologue can be very upsetting. A new functionality within the messaging service aims to address the problem.

  • WhatsApp wants to deliver a useful innovation
  • Voice messages should take less time
  • It is still not clear when the update will appear

In fact, the audio messaging was originally intended to save time. Why write a text first when you can simply say it quickly?

However, the notes also degenerate into a minute-long stutter in which the listener asks, “When does the important point come?”

After all, there are many people who just cannot be brevity when it comes to voice messaging.

WhatsApp Update: Finally, play voice messages more effectively and faster

WhatsApp is now rushing to help annoying users. The update will soon enable them to play voice messages at faster speeds. Too many users are waiting for this.

Three different operating speeds are required for this. That way, Grandma’s ten-minute story about the last day of her hiking can be cut at least in half – without having to give up on the exciting content.

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Initially, the change was announced only for Android. Now WhatsApp plans to offer the same functionality for iOS as well. However, there is still no official date for the update to be released.

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