WhatsApp: So you can see what name your contacts have set in the app | Chronicle

WhatsApp: So you can see what name your contacts have set in the app |  Chronicle

WhatsApp “target=”_blank”> WhatsApp It is one of the most popular applications around the world. The a program It has multiple functions and tricks that few customers know about. On this occasion, we inform you of A hidden function that allows the user to know how he was booked by his contacts.

The instant messaging app Frequently implements new features to improve service to its customers. In recent weeks, they have joined a program Tools like “Invisibility Mode” or possibility “Voice Message Acceleration”.

On this occasion, a the trick that enables Users Find out how they are scheduled by their contacts in messaging platform. That is, you will know with any name or nickname has been registered.

To perform this trick, courier client عميل No need to install There is no third party appAs this tool is simple and can be used through the application itself.

How do you know the name or surname they reserved for you?

for this one the trick No additional app should be downloaded, as mentioned earlier. In fact, to do this method, step by step is very simple and will only be necessary The WhatsApp.

The first step is Enter the application and then open a conversation With a specific contact in the messaging app. It is recommended to be with someone you trust.

The next step is Ask for that call who is interested in knowing how to schedule it on the platform, To forward your cell phone number. This must be done through a program, enter the conversation both and press clip icon.

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Once there, the other person will have to Find your contact’s name and send it to you. When you receive the message, it will appear with the name of the other person you specifically saved.

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