WhatsApp recovers deleted messages

WhatsApp recovers deleted messages

Several new functions are currently being tested on WhatsApp. Now another one has been spotted: recover messages that were just deleted. This is known so far.

WhatsApp is notorious for being cautious about introducing new features. However, you probably should if you have more than 2 billion active users. That’s why there is an extensive beta program. There, selected users can try out new functions and small changes themselves.

A new function has now been spotted by the mindful blog WABetaInfo.com: Restore a message that has just been deleted.

Specifically, it might have to do with the scenario where you accidentally deleted a message just for yourself through frantic handling on the cell phone, but wished to delete it for all the recipients as well. At the moment this is no longer possible. In the future, you can restore it and then delete it again for everyone. However, you have to hurry.

There is not much time to recover

Because you probably can’t spend much time when restoring. Immediately after deleting a message, a small bar appears at the bottom of the screen that says “Message has been deleted”. Next to it is the “Undo” button.

Once the overlay disappears, the deleted message is gone forever. Unfortunately, the WABetaInfo report does not show the amount of time the writer of a deleted message should change his mind. It just says “a few seconds”.

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