WhatsApp: Message Reaction..Whatsapp new feature

WhatsApp: Message Reaction..Whatsapp new feature

InternetDesk: WhatsApp is the most used messaging application worldwide. It is trying to convince users to bring in new features. It has already introduced features like quick reply, archive new feature, group video calling, display, data transfer. The latest is bringing another new feature called Message Reaction. This allows us to comment on the messages we receive on WhatsApp with the help of emojis. This means that we can talk about the message using emojis without typing the text to respond to the message. If you click on the message and select the reply option to reply to the message you receive, you will see the text option next to the emoji. However, in the upcoming feature, the information will be changed so that the list of emojis with reactions appears as a reaction with the reply or if you long press on the reply. WhatsApp Beta Info (WabitaInfo), the WhatsApp community blog, says that this feature, which is currently being tested, will be available to users soon.

WhatsApp already has the features of emojis, stickers and gif. Message reaction is also available on Facebook’s Messenger, Instagram, Signal and Telegram of WhatsApp’s parent company. Now they are bringing the new message reaction feature on WhatsApp. When this feature is available, if the user replies to their message with an emoji reaction, a message will appear on the user’s chat page stating that you received a response to the message. If you open it you will see the reaction emoji. Wabitainfo said that users need to update their app for this feature.

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