WhatsApp feature disappears in privacy settings

WhatsApp feature disappears in privacy settings

InternetDesk: Late last year, WhatsApp introduced a new feature called Disappeared Messages. After enabling this feature, messages sent by the user and messages the user receives from others will be deleted automatically after a week. Information that this feature will soon be part of WhatsApp privacy settings. This means that every message sent by the user will be automatically deleted after a week or so. Tech sources said the same was revealed by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and WhatsApp President Will Cathcart at a meeting. Invisibility is currently only available to users as a feature. That is, if the user clicks on the profile or group description and scrolls down, a feature called invisibility will appear.

As per the latest information, the feature will be made available in the middle of the Read Receipts and Groups option in the Privacy section of the feature’s settings, according to WhatsApp beta information. This feature will soon be introduced to Android beta users for testing. It seems that users will be notified by notification as soon as it is fully available. A few days ago, he said that two new options will be added to the WhatsApp Disappearing feature. One is the option to disappear message after 24 hours and the other is the option to disappear message after 90 days. In addition, WhatsApp will introduce new features such as waveform, message reaction, web preview, and data transfer.

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