What you need to know about: Mizuno

What you need to know about: Mizuno

Mizuno is a Japanese sports equipment manufacturer that has been committed to producing high quality sportswear and equipment for over 100 years. Based on the slogan “Reach Beyond,” the brand has made it their mission to innovate by developing sports equipment and “helping every athlete on their journey through the world of sports,” according to the brand’s official website.


The brand took its first steps in 1906 when brothers Rihachi and Rizzo Mizuno founded MIZUNO Brothers Ltd. Founded in Osaka, Japan. Inspired by baseball culture in the United States, Rihachi Mizuno wanted to export the sport to Japan and began manufacturing baseball apparel in 1907. Baseball shoes, gloves, and baseballs were soon added. In 1938, Mizuno produced the first shoes that had cleats and rivets. A scientific laboratory for technological development was established 10 years later, which still exists today as a separate department within the company.

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In the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s, Mizuno released several performance shoes such as the Runbird Athletics, the Morelia soccer shoe, and the Wave Rider, which have become modern classics. The Runbird was first introduced in 1981, and has since been used as the brand’s logo. Many Mizuno shoes feature Wave Plate, a technology that provides a stable, comfortable ride and dynamic cushioning. Advanced technology is now considered a trademark of the brand. In July 2020, the brand also revealed its latest footwear innovation, Mizuno Enerzy. Mizuno Enerzy is designed to improve performance and provide a high energy return.

Over the years, the label has also attracted many well-known athletes as brand ambassadors, including Olympic champion Carl Lewis and soccer star Sergio Ramos.

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Mizuno sells sportswear, shoes and equipment for men and women and for all kinds of sports, from running to soccer, tennis and various other sports. The manufacturer’s products are sold all over the world today. The brand has two flagship stores in Osaka and Tokyo.

Since 2021, Mizuno has been increasingly committed to sustainability and protecting the planet, with the brand steadily expanding its efforts. For example, the Japanese company aims to be CO2-neutral from 2050 in the field of environmental protection.

Image: Mizuno, Mizuno Enerzy, owned by the trademark.

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