KZ crowns themselves the cup champion after facing the delicious neighbors of The Hague

KZ crowns themselves the cup champion after facing the delicious neighbors of The Hague

Little Switzerland is the champion of the cup. The main division beat HDM 2-3 in the Gold Cup final Thursday night in a crowded sports park. KZ 2nd Trophy: In 2017, Capricorn grabbed the Silver Trophy. Aki Käppeler was important to the main division with two goals.

After the final whistle, KZ players and staff members flew into each other’s arms. There was dancing, hugging and partying. This Gold Cup felt like a real prize for little Switzerland. The Golden Pride was widely hugged and cherished after the award ceremony. Players achieved a wonderful bosom of honor, with hundreds of children in their wake. KZ felt for a while that it was the best club in The Hague.

Beer belongs to a real cup. Photo: William Vernes

Fantastic goals

The final, held again for the first time in three years, started with two superb goals in the first 10 minutes. Under the watchful eye of more than 2,000 spectators at Theo Man Baumeisterlan, it was clear what was at stake: a trophy. goldfish. And the discount? This competitor is ten minutes away by bike. And although it was an upgrade class (HDM) versus a major class (KZ), it didn’t matter in The Hague. Much was at stake.

Marco Miltkau signed for the first time WonderfulNowadays. While the German will not play at all. On Sunday, in a competition match with Bloemendaal, Little Swiss striker Miltkau was saved. Saved, because KZ already finished in the Tulip Big League. Play-offs were the goal, but that didn’t work out. What is left? The only prize that can be won. Gold Cup.

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The beautiful first ten minutes

Within five minutes, Miltkau made his mark on the match with a superb goal. Daniel De Haan found the striker – with superb help towards the circle – and Miltkau fired the ball beautifully over Joey Fontaine. But the HDM crowd was also able to applaud in the first 10 minutes. Javier Osas was served by Lennart Kahlenberg, who found the cross-over very difficult: 1-1.

“Cup Keeper” Jeroen Kirkmer – who maintains the Cup Championship, and being the competition sparring – only hears the ball and the equaliser. Stijn van Pelt was able to give the home team the lead later, having been sent to Kerkmeer via a scoop, but the KZ goalkeeper scored well.

Photo: William Vernes

Boris Burckhardt also got a chance to give HDM a lead, when the striker was allowed to score in the first corner of the match. He chose the low left, but Kerkmeer again stood in the way. Those were opportunities the Upgrade Division – which is still in the promotion race – shouldn’t miss.

Because Miltkau wasn’t the only surprise at KZ. Taste makers Nico Keenan and Matthew Swan also appeared as devils out of a box at auction. Both did not play last Sunday, but were corrected for this cup match. And decorated Argentine Kenan some corners before the end of the first half. Who Has Always Been Good by Sander Groenheijde. But the third corner—the final—was a chance for Akie Cappeller: The Jedi pull-up pistol darted flawlessly into the 1-2 lead.

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Slowly the main division is getting better and better. While HDM did everything to equalize, Tim Brand had the opportunity first, and later Käppeler proved his worth once again. German spirit of excitement pushed HDM into the fourth corner – and his fourth chance – very tough: 1-3.

Photo: William Vernes

Target matching Taberma

But HDM has a serious penalty turned 14 minutes from the end. The home team warmed up for the second corner of the match, but now it wasn’t Burckhardt, but Chris Taberima who pushed towards goal. Successfully: Signed for linkage goal (2-3).

Nico Kenan later managed – after KZ killed two attacking corners – with a yellow card when he hit Fontaine’s helmet with his hand. He couldn’t control his temper. The Argentine player was allowed to sit for five minutes. In the final stage it blew at the seams.

hdm celebrates 2-3. Photo: William Vernes

Led by Cedric de Geer, who was leading the fight, HDM also occupied the third and fourth corners. With nine minutes remaining on the clock. But twice without success. Although for a moment it seemed that Burckhardt’s ball flew. HDM was given another chance by Captain Govert Soeters, but his efforts were also unsuccessful.

Disappointment in HDM. Photo: William Vernes

Despite the final attack full of corner kicks for the home team, it was KZ who took the win. Who actually won the Silver Cup six years ago. The season in which they were promoted to “Overgangsklasse” and thus made their way to the big league. The second cup for Douwe Steens, Martijn van Grimbergen, Govert Soeters, Steven van Rhede van der Kloot, Nico Keenan and Koene Schaper, who were already in the pick at the time.

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The second cup is a different color: golden.

HDM – Little Switzerland 2-3 (1-2)

5. Marco Meltkau 0-1
8. Lennart Kahlenberg 1-1
35- Akie Cappeller 1-2 (SC)
43- Aki Kapiler 1-3 (SC)
56. Chris Taberima 2-3 (SC)

Watch the match here:

We’ll start the match right before the match, so Tune right on time. We’ll be staying alive until the new Cup Champion’s party. We follow the duel with two cameras, so you can see every movement, repetition and slomo. The match will be commented on by Reemt Borcherts.

Little Switzerland reached the final after beating Victoria (1-3), Rotterdam (4-0), Hurley (2-2, after penalties) and Fordan (2-4). HDM did this by defeating Ring Pass (1-3), Cartouche (2-3), SCHC (2-2, win after penalty shootout) and Den Bosch (3-3, win after penalty shootout). Little Switzerland can also write history by being the first team to win the Gold Cup after the Silver Cup (2017).

You can watch this live broadcast on, the app, and on our YouTube channel.

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