What we know so far – UBJ

What we know so far - UBJ

Warrior Nun Season 2 will be available worldwide on Netflix in 2022. Here’s an updated guide to everything you need to know about Warrior Nun Season 2, including who’s starring, where the show will be produced, what to expect and more!
Warrior Nun is a Netflix original fantasy drama series based on Ben Dunn’s comic book series of the same name. Warrior Nun is directed by Simon Barry and produced by the same team that worked on Game of Thrones.
Shortly after the series came out, we learned from reliable sources that Warrior Nun has already been renewed for a second season.
The authors hinted that they had already begun to set up and that the software was good by most standards.

The series was the third most popular TV show on Netflix in the world for its first 30 days (July 6 to August 6, 2020). Cursed Desire and Dark Desire ranked first and second, respectively.
The series also topped the charts for July 2020, becoming the most popular TV show in the world.
The series was ranked sixth in the US and fourth in the UK. In the US, the series reached number two in the first weekend it was available, and was overtaken by Unsolved Mysteries.
Warrior Nun reached the top of the charts in Brazil, the Netherlands and New Zealand.

The dramatic outcome of Warrior Nun’s first season left fans craving more primal sensations.
The true purpose of the Crusader Sword Order turns out to be nothing more than puppets serving Adriel against the forces of Heaven. Ava discovers his true identity as soon as he touches her. After successfully killing the Tarasque monster that chased him from the Demonic Gate, the Founding Knights mistook the matter for an angel.
Adriel had buried the aura in Warrior One while hiding in the catacombs of the Vatican, and with the formation of the Order, he was granted Heaven’s protection.
After escaping from his grave, Adrial attempts to restore the aura of order and carry out his evil ambitions.

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Despite her best efforts, Shotgun Mary is defeated by Adrial’s possessed warriors, forcing Ava and the other sisters to face Adrial and his small army of Wraith Demons.
Ava and The Order will bring the fight to Adriel next season. With Satan now revealing himself to the public, the forces of Heaven could fall on the Vatican and help the system rather than stand alone.
Although it is beyond her powers, Ava’s proficiency in the role of Warrior Non is now improving. Ava will probably be more than a match for Adriel and his demonic abilities if given enough time.

One thing is certain: the existence of the Crusader sword is based on falsehood. So it’s up to Ava and the other sisters to give it new meaning.
The second season of Warrior Nun will premiere on Netflix in 2022.

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