Concerns about Neymar’s mental health: ‘He asks for help’

Concerns about Neymar's mental health: 'He asks for help'

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Thierry Henry is concerned about Neymar’s mental health. The Paris Saint-Germain striker was disappointed on Saturday during his first Ligue 1 match against Nice (loss 1-0) and has been poor all season. Henry, who played for Arsenal and Barcelona during his football career, believes Neymar sought help during his recent media appearance.

“If you’re analyzing an action and it’s not in good shape, well, that’s a fact and you have to admit it,” Henry said. to liberate† “He hasn’t been up to his normal level lately, but there are reasons for that. “Neymar has talked a lot about his safety, about the pressure in recent interviews, so my first thought is, is he okay?” According to Henry, it’s not about not distributing more panna. Or hit opponents quickly.” He’s giving interviews, but do you hear what he’s saying? asks for help. There is a lot going on in his head, as with every person.”

It seems that the main interview Henry is referring to is an interview that Neymar gave last year daznHe said he plans to end his international career in the near future. “I think it will be my last World Cup (in 2022),” the thirty-year-old Brazilian said at the time. “I consider it the last because I no longer know if I have the mental strength to deal with football.”

Neymar also recently suggested that playing several games in Europe is paying off, opening the door to an adventure in Major League Soccer. “I’d love to play in the United States one day, if only for one season,” the Paris Saint-Germain forward revealed during the podcast. phenomena on twitch. “One of the reasons why I want to play in MLS is because the season is short. Then I will have a holiday or three months. That way I can continue to play for a few more years.”

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There is no doubt that Neymar is having his worst season so far in the Paris Saint-Germain shirt. In eighteen official matches, the Brazilian did not exceed four goals and made many assists. Neymar has also missed eighteen matches this season due to various injuries.

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