What Ten Years of Power Do for Someone Like Rutte (And How You Can Still Change) | right Now

What Ten Years of Power Do for Someone Like Rutte (And How You Can Still Change) |  right Now

Criticism of the way Mark Root has been running his coffers is growing over the past 10 years. Is it possible for a person accustomed to power to change his ways at all? How can Roti regain the confidence of the House of Representatives?

Having power changes people. This is the opinion of Professor Janka Stocker, Professor of Leadership at the University of Groningen (RuG). “It can have a positive effect: you are more optimistic and practical than others and will move faster when the situation demands it. But it can also have negative effects: you can become overconfident and have the illusion that you have everything under control. Even if it doesn’t It is not. “

This may also explain why Rute had not contemplated resigning, even though nearly the entire House of Representatives supported a motion of censure against him and a motion to withdraw confidence nearly got across the majority.

Stocker: “He’s actually right when he says the House hasn’t fired him. He’s the leader of the great party and the voter has given him a mandate. But there are also plenty of reasons for saying he might be better off. Honor. He could have reserved for himself, as Sigrid Kaag suggested.” .

The VVD built an entire campaign around Rutte Driving

Photo expert Elizabeth van Vein says the resounding victory in the election created a strange field of tension. “The VVD built the entire campaign around Mark Rota’s leadership,” she explains. “So a lot of voters appreciate the way the country is running. It’s weird if you suddenly become a completely different person as a winner, that’s also going to be incredible.”

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Rota’s strength partly lies in the fact that it appears to be the same for ten years. “Even in these difficult circumstances, he remains the builder of the optimistic team,” Van Vijn notes. “Because of this positive energy, Rottie gets away with more than most other politicians. Of course he has his weaknesses, such as his lack of transparency. But he doesn’t play a role: That is it. Otherwise someone would keep this. It’s hard work because this wasn’t perfect also for ten Years “.

Van Veen believes that the most visible potential coalition partners – Kaag and Wopke Hoekstra – are paying close attention to how the audience judges Rute’s performance during Thursday’s debate. She believes that “if the population continues to support Rute, it will be very difficult to drive him away completely.” “But it doesn’t help that more accidents happen in the back rooms now. He really can’t drop a single stitch.”

“Change is proven by actions, not words.”

Rutte promised the House of Representatives on Thursday that he would change his critical behavior. Professor Stocker emphasizes: “You have to prove the change in actions, not words.” “Forming a government with a prime minister that the largest party does not provide is a realistic option. His potential premiership will depend to a large extent on Sigrid Kaag and Wobke Hoekstra.

Before there is any question regarding Rutte IV Ministry whatsoever, the parties must first discuss how to change the style of governance that has been the rule for the past ten years. “There will be three other parliamentary inquiries, all of which relate to the way that Rutte and others have given leadership over the past ten years. Lack of transparency is often cited as a problem. What does Root want to do concretely to bring about that change? There was no concrete plan on the table for that. “

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In the United States, the president may stay on purpose for only two terms

Is it really healthy to be in control for a long time? Professor Stocker laughs. “It is not a law that corrupts power. But it is very important to have a counterforce, and to gather around you people who can disobey you if necessary, as well as to avoid falling into the traps of power.”

There is something that can be said about the American system, for example: Presidents, no matter how popular they are, are not allowed to sit in the White House for more than two terms. “Kaag has suggested something similar to the prime minister in the Netherlands. But in this case as well, there are exceptions to the rule. Angela Merkel has been the chancellor for seventeen years and has always been effective.”

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