Freeze sales of Porsche models in the United States due to environmental regulations | the cars

Freeze sales of Porsche models in the United States due to environmental regulations |  the cars

Since November, Porsche no longer sells used models in the United States equipped with the so-called Sport Chrono function. Allegedly, this violates the environmental requirements of the car.

The Sport Chrono Package is an option that you can select when purchasing a new vehicle. Models are identifiable by the stopwatch located on the dashboard. It features three different driving modes. ‘Normal’ for daily driving, ‘Sport’ for winding roads and ‘Sport Plus’ for extreme conditions, such as a racetrack.

When driving in Sport Plus mode, models equipped with the Sport Chrono Package have been found to emit more nitrogen oxide than is permitted. Porsche claims to have discovered the additional emissions on its own and sent it to NTSH, the US authority that checks emissions standards, among other things.


The government agency declined to comment on the matter, but a Porsche spokesperson asserts that there has indeed been a sales freeze since November 2020 for the 911, Boxster, Cayman, Cayenne and Panamera models from 2012 to 2016. “It is difficult to determine exactly which cars are involved, as it has not been achieved. Every vehicle is equipped with the optional Sport Chrono Package frequently, “the spokesperson said. Interested in the trade.

“Even if they were equipped with the package, not every model line would be affected,” the spokesman said. According to him, Porsche is working on updating the software, so it can be sold again. Ultimately, the vehicle manufacturer will also repair customers’ cars if needed. According to the speaker, it is not clear when the update will be completed. According to him, the owners of the damaged cars are not at risk and new models are not affected.

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