What is an eSIM? How can it be obtained?

What is an eSIM?  How can it be obtained?

Internetdesk: Mobile phone manufacturers focus on electronic SIM (e-SIM-eSIM) technology to check for Swim Swap cybercrime. Apple will soon make all e-SIM technology available for iPhone 14 without the usual SIM card. In this context, the debate among Internet users about the electronic SIM card has begun. What is the actual e-SIM? How it works? Let’s learn how to get it.

What is an e-SIM?

e-SIM is the digital version of the standard mobile SIM card. It does not need to be physically placed in the phone’s SIM card slot. This technology digitally connects your mobile phone to the network of your choice. For this, users need to subscribe to the recharged mobile network. First you need to go to the port of your network operator and send your credentials. Then your phone will receive a code from your carrier. With this code, an e-SIM profile will be created on your mobile phone. This will allow you to access the services of the shared network company. Some network operators allocate a chip without the user having to go to the port. Currently, Airtel, Geo and Vodafone Idea are providing e-SIM card services in India.

In addition to phones…

Apple already offers e-SIM facilities along with the iPhone XR model in addition to the standard SIM slot on all subsequent iPhone models. The e-SIM feature is also present in the Samsung Galaxy S series and Google Pixel. In addition to smartphones, the LTE version of the Apple smartwatch and the Samsung Galaxy smartwatch also feature e-SIM. An e-SIM profile can be downloaded from an iPhone through the Watch app on Apple Watch 7 Series.

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Profit and Loss with e-SIM

The electronic SIM card reduces the cybercrime caused by the swimming switch. The space used for the SIM slot in the manufacture of mobile devices can also be allocated to other components such as the battery and processor. This will make phones with more features available to users. At the same time There are some problems with the e-SIM. E-SIM users have to go to the network operator outlets to get a new SIM profile every time they switch from the old phone to the new one. There is also no danger of creating a fake chip profile by deceiving the user with the help of OTP. Your e-SIM is secure as long as the user does not tell the one-time password.

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