Weekly review and forecast: OLED ahead of QD-OLED, Intel and OLED again

Wochenrück- und Ausblick: OLED vor QD-OLED, Intel und noch einmal OLED

There are very few compact and compact smartphones, especially in the Android sector. One of them is the Galaxy S22, and that’s probably the reason why most readers were drawn to it this week. It comes on the heels of the Alienware AW3423DW smartphone with a QD OLED panel. It follows the Core i9-12900 and the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra.

Galaxy S22 under review

Samsung is following an interesting strategy with the Galaxy S22 series as both the Galaxy S22 and S22+ are slightly smaller than their direct predecessors. The Galaxy S22 (test) in particular runs in my league of relatively compact Android smartphones in which devices like the Pixel 5, Zenfone 8 or Galaxy S10e are also in the house. This unique selling point makes the smartphone very attractive, because many competitors only combine high-end hardware, displays and huge dimensions. Thanks to these characteristics, the Galaxy S22 took first place in the most-read tests and reports this week.

The first QD OLED screen

Exclusively the Alienware AW3423DW (test) was no less than the first computer monitor with a QD OLED panel. With this panel, the gaming brand Dell relies on a completely new technology from supplier Samsung Display, which still had some problems in the first generation. The chromatic margin due to the chosen pixel structure, it is worth noting a rather modest certification according to DisplayHDR 400 True Black and an anti-reflective coating with a slight gray haze. However, for games and videos, the AW3423DW offers an excellent picture, so that the screen remains worthwhile with some limitations. You should definitely make sure to get a model with a quiet fan in the G-Sync unit.

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65W CPU and 14.6″ Tablet

Front spots include the Intel Core i9-12900 (test) with a TDP of 65W, which can go up to 202W depending on setup, and the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra (test) as a very premium tablet with a whopping 14″ 6-inch OLED display.

New Witcher powered by Unreal Engine 5

After Cyberpunk 2077, CD Projekt Red returns to the Witcher series, as the announcement of “new epicThe first teaser image released by the developers was confirmed this week. It is also interesting to emphasize that we are no longer using our RED engine, but the Unreal 5 engine, which has repeatedly demonstrated the awesomeness of the graphics it can do. However, players should not expect “The Witcher 4”, as the head of PR later specified.

Easter egg found in Windows 1.0

Windows 1.0 showed this week that a 31-year-old operating system can still bring surprises, as a list of developers involved has been found. The Easter Egg implementation code was well hidden: the developers attached it to a bitmap file, which in turn was included in the 16-bit exe file.

Nothing Phone (1) is coming in summer

The phone (1), which OnePlus founder Carl Pei announced this week with his new company Nothing, does not yet come with any technical specifications. The “Nothing OS” has already been commented on, which is said to be Android rooted, downgraded and therefore faster. Detailed fonts, colors, graphic elements, and sounds are specifically designed to reflect the branding of the operating system.

Intel unveils custom graphics processor on Wednesday

Next week, Wednesday will be especially exciting. On March 30, Intel wants to unveil the first dedicated GPU for the Arc family of laptops. The only starting point is the 370M small bow with an estimated 128 EU. For this first Arc graphics card, Intel promises twice the performance of the Xe iGPU integrated with 96 EUs of the Core i7-12700H in laptops of the same form factor.

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