“We often stop at KIJK for a moment.”

vormgeving KIJK

Editor-in-chief Andre Kesseler discusses in his new column what has changed in KIJK design.

If you are very busy, it is best to stop every now and then. Often times we do this at KIJK. Then we put the magazine under a magnifying glass, scroll through each page with the dust comb and try to pinpoint where we need to change something while keeping the results of all kinds of reader surveys in mind. This really starts in the foreground. Could it be more exciting without flashy titles that don’t match the spirit of the magazine? How can we ensure that people who want to buy KIJK separately can find us among all those other magazines in supermarkets and bookstores?

New evaluation form

During this search for “different,” the discussion sometimes revolves around important banalities. For example, we’ve taken into account the gray lines in the KIJK Kort News section separating the different parts of the text. And about the length of the texts for the content page on the right.

Of course there was a thicker knot to cut. For example, after years of loyal service, we decided to replace the NederTech division with a chain in which editor Laurien Onderwater goes to Dutch universities to find scientists who participate in exciting research. Such a new section (page 28) needs a new title, so you have to think about what it should be. Underwater investigations? “Lauren plunges underwater”? In short, standing still is an amazing amount of work. But it worked (we think) and the result of that renewal is now in your hands. As always, we would love to hear your opinion on this matter at [email protected]

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Private plot

Meanwhile, we have also worked hard on at least 300 private pages analyzing the world’s 55 most important conspiracy theories. From top-secret companies like Illuminati to the 9/11 attacks, and from rumors of a Titanic exchange hoax to what was supposedly lost gold supplies from the United States. For subscribers: check the attached message and page 76.

And if you’re now in the store with KIJK in your hand: Check the shelves for this unique offering from June 8th. It should be easy to find, because we’ve also been thinking about it for a long time.

This editorial can also be found in KIJK’s Super Heavy Summer issue, for sale here.

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