IndyCar legend Luyendyk: “Veekay can win Indy 500”

IndyCar legend Luyendyk: "Veekay can win Indy 500"

Rinus ‘Veekay’ van Kalmthout is one of IndyCar’s greatest senses at the moment and his stellar performance hasn’t gone unnoticed in the Netherlands. Two weeks ago, he won his first IndyCar race track on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and also reached the Oval last weekend. Managed to qualify for third place for the largest single-day sporting event in the world, the Indy 500.

The one who knows everything about being successful on “The Brickyard” is Arie Luyendyk. He won the race twice by himself, giving him the absolute champion status in the United States. When asked about Vichai’s chances this weekend, he gave a talk with him Racing News 365 To be very optimistic.

“ Rinus (for Luyendyk, there’s no discussion of the name Veekay or Van Kalmthout, for him it’s only Rinus, editor) has a feeling there’s something to be gained on Sunday. It’s always going well here in Indianapolis, but it goes well. Everywhere I am really optimistic. “

Indeed, the confidence in himself and in his car is evidenced by the fact that they stayed inside during one of the last training sessions, because the preparation, as it were, made Vikkai very satisfied: “Maybe Friday in the very last exercises the session he did is on the right track, because It will be colder on Sunday and he may still want to sample those conditions. “

When asked how far Veekay has grown in IndyCar compared to last year, Luyendyk indicated that it wasn’t suddenly getting faster. Experience, this is important and it can help him: “In the last year, he lost a lot in the pit lane with difficult stops (while Luyendyk gave him advice not to risk drilling, ed.) Learn from it. He actually encountered certain situations once.”

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If I had to name one person, it’s Scott Dixon

– Ari Lowendick

Luyendyk says Veekay has good chances of winning, but he’s definitely not the only one. Looking at his favorites, he’s actually looking no further than the top three starting ranks with a total of nine drivers. If he has to choose three names from that, he ends up next to Vichai with Scott Dixon and this other young sensation, Colton Hertha, it’s no coincidence that the three drivers are in the front row: “And if I really have to name someone, then Dickson. The total is correct. The experience is there, the team is very solid and Dickson is very good. “

Veekay is the latest IndyCar race winner by beating the Indianapolis Road Racecourse. As race host, Luyendyk was of course present and cheered for him a little louder than anyone else, although a degree of objectivity would be expected as the race in charge: Winner’s circle Blend, it’s okay. “

Luyendyk admits he looked a little emotional on Veekay’s triumphant march, especially in those last 10 laps: “I remember looking at my son Arie Luyendyk Jr. with his knees trembling as he was racing. I had those quiver knees. On the last ten laps. From Rinus too. By the way. , You got that, too with Max Verstappen’s first win in 2016. ”

Luyendyk will follow Indy 500 as host, a position that suits him and will continue to hold it for a long time if it is up to him: “Until people start accusing me of getting old and not seeing it well anymore.” Said the racing legend, who finally asks where and when it can be Watch the race on Dutch TV, “Stop, but for now I can still see everything clearly.” To Arie, but also to all fans: The race can be followed live via both Ziggo Sport Select and Ziggo Sport Racing, with Select preview of the race on Wide race start at 6:45 pm NST.

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