We are not alone in space, as the head of NASA believes

We are not alone in space, as the head of NASA believes

We know we know nothing. Roughly speaking, Nelson commented on the CNN report published last week.

“Yes, I saw a classified report (including unpublished attachments – editor’s note). It’s basically what we thought. We don’t know what the Navy pilots saw. They know they saw something, they saw it, they focused the radars on it and it suddenly started moving fast. from place to place,” Nelson said.

The former Democratic senator from Florida became the second active politician in Congress to research space in 1986, after Jake Garn. He now noted that as a senator from 2001 to 2019, he spoke frequently with pilots who had seen UFOs.

“I spoke to these pilots during Senate Armed Services Committee hearings, and I got the feeling that something was clear there. You don’t have to be a foreigner. However, if it’s one of our adversary’s technology, we should be concerned,” Nelson said.

However, he is convinced that the technology captured in observing unidentified flying objects, or rather UAP (Unidentified Atmospheric Phenomena), as the authorities now call them weather phenomena, does not belong to any of the political opponents.

But he added with one breath that the observations do not provide direct evidence for space visitors.

NASA scientists will participate in the demonstration of the UAP

However, if we are talking about extraterrestrial life in general, then Nelson has a different opinion.

According to Nelson, NASA will now also work on possible explanations for the observed UAP demonstration.

Many skeptical scientists have long believed that observations can be explained by a combination of natural phenomena and optical illusions.

Proponents of the visitor theory from elsewhere, in agreement with the conspirators, claim that the government is hiding the most important information that would confirm their theory.

The long-awaited declassification of the report did not bring much new. At least in the public eye.

But in the eyes of the authorities and the military, there is a major shift. The pilots did not appear to be afraid to report that they saw the UAP. In the past, this topic was a taboo amongst them, they faced ridicule and fear of work.

Now that the authorities are starting to take these reports seriously, they are likely to increase.

However, such notes would not have such an exceptional characteristic. It has been found that these are common phenomena that have little in common with extraterrestrial civilizations.

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