Female soldiers in Ukraine must wear heels, politicians are angry

Female soldiers in Ukraine must wear heels, politicians are angry

The photos released by the army itself were taken during a military parade exercise next month. This marks the 30th anniversary of Ukraine’s independence. Before that, the country was part of the Soviet Union.

“Slightly more difficult”

The women in the photos are dressed in military uniforms, under which are black high heels. “For the first time, today’s training took place in heels,” one of the trainees told the website of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense. “It’s a little more difficult than putting on army boots, but we’re doing our best.”

It is causing a lot of turmoil in Ukraine. Several politicians took a pair of high-heeled shoes to work with the Secretary of Defense to wear at the parade.

‘Stupid and evil’

“It is hard to think of an idea more foolish and sinister than this,” one of them told AFP news agency, citing the risks to women’s health. “These women – just like men – are risking their lives, and they don’t deserve the ridicule.”

Another politician believes that the authorities should publicly apologize for the “humiliation” of women and investigate the decision-making process. Still others speak of sexism, misogyny, shame and “medieval ideas” of the army leadership and defense minister.

There are more than 31,000 women in the Ukrainian army, including more than 4,000 female officers. More than 13,500 women have fought in the current conflict with Russia in the east of the country, according to one politician.

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