Water polyester thanks to the American life buoy in the World League semi-finals

Water polyester thanks to the American life buoy in the World League semi-finals


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Dutch water polo players reached the semi-finals of the final tournament of the World Championships in Tenerife with heels over the trench. In the third and final match of the set, the orange itself was stuck at 11-11 against Canada, which had already been eliminated, after which the shootout series also lost 4-3.

As a result, national coach Evangelos Dodisis relied on the USA team already seeded against Italy. Just before the end of the match, the Italians were still leading 10-9, but in the final stage, the United States won by two strokes.

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Because of this result, the Netherlands took second place in the group. In the semi-finals (Saturday, 1 pm), Spain awaits the European champion, who, after great victories over New Zealand and Hungary, also convincingly settled with Australia: 12-5.

At the last European Championship in Split, the Spaniards were too strong for the orange in the semi-finals. The United States will face Hungary in the other semi-final match.

Canada, who lost their first two matches in droves, were long behind the Netherlands, but still advanced in the third quarter. The orange came to 11-10 in the fourth quarter, but saw Canada, who won 10-7 at the World Cup last summer, come back again.

Canadian goalkeeper Jessica Goudreau became the champion of the penalty shootout series. Brigitte Slicking and Florine Busfield flipped the bets.

“It didn’t look good,” national team coach Dodcis said on the federation’s website afterwards. “We played at least out of the three. Fortunately, we got at least one point. I’m convinced we’ll be there again on Saturday.”

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