There is no skating rink in Holland Mall this winter | Currently

There is no skating rink in Holland Mall this winter |  Currently

There will be no skating rink at the pond next to Holland Mall this winter. Due to precarious economic times and “incredibly” high energy costs, René Bogart and his team Ice Paradise cannot make the ice rink profitable.

The ice rink in the pond before the full moon has been a household name during the winter period in Leidschendam-Voorburg for many years. This year will be Team Ice Paradise’s 18th rink season, but the uncertain time puts a temporary end to that series.

“Although behind-the-scenes preparations have been in full swing since August, today we made the final decision not to build Ice Paradise this year,” a disappointing message to ice cream fans on social media.

“We had our doubts until the end, but the uncertain economic time with energy costs currently incredibly high was the basis for that decision.” A short run for the ice rink is still being considered this winter. But because the ice is placed on the water by rafts, this is not possible.

The costs of pontoons are mainly related to the construction, placement and removal of platforms. It seems from the organization that “we actually gain nothing by doing this”. “Unlike many other temporary ice rinks, Ice Paradise also does not receive any form of support. Finally, you can increase the entrance ticket, but if people at home are already having trouble paying the bills, this is no longer a realistic option. “

The organization behind the rink is disappointed and knows it is causing depressing faces in the Hague region. “We are aware that this decision is a huge disappointment for many children from Leidschendam-Vorburg and the immediate vicinity.”

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“Together with Westfield-Unibail, owner of Mall of the Netherlands, we will develop a plan that will allow us to come back even bigger and more exciting next year. All this is subject to a positive economy and normal energy rates. We hope that this is what we hope and the Ice Paradise team said:

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