Watch John Otway star in new sports team video for ‘The Game’

Watch John Otway star in new sports team video for 'The Game'

The sports team just shared their new song “The Game” – you can watch the band’s video accompanying the song below.

The song is from the upcoming new six-piece album “Gulp!” It is scheduled to be released on July 22 through Island Records.

The song was already a fan favorite thanks to its recent inclusion in the band’s charts. It has now been officially released by the sports team, along with a music video, starring punk artist John Otway as the host of the game show. †

You can watch the video that Charles Gall directed for “The Game” for the sports team below.

Speaking of “the game,” the sports team said the track is “an emblem for Angel Land”.

“There’s just something about mumbling to yourself behind electric gates while the world around you burns,” the band added. “It’s that enhanced ‘island mentality’, where someone makes themselves believe that news is what happens to others.”

The sports team will host a number of shows in the UK and Europe this summer before embarking on a longer European tour in November. You can check out their tour schedule below and buy tickets for their UK shows here.

3 – Boenfest Island, Holst, The Netherlands
4 – O2 Birmingham Institute
16- Bergenfest 2022, Bergen, Norway
17- Sovenberberken, Oslo, Norway

6- Mad Cool Festival 2022 Madrid, Spain
14- Super Book Super Rock 2022, Sesimbra, Portugal
29 Over the Bridge, Edinburgh Academics Stadium, Edinburgh

5- Cardiff University Students’ Union, Cardiff (with The Libertines)
12- Haldern Pop Festiva, Haldern, Germany
27- Victorious Festival, Portsmouth

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8 – Sacaba Beach, Malaga, Spain
10- Mad Cool Sunset – Madrid – Spain

4 – Exel, Zurich, Switzerland
6- Chelsea, Vienna, Austria
9- Privatclub, Berlin, Germany
13- Depasser Hornstoles Strand, Stockholm, Sweden
14- Scene Barkteret, Oslo, Norway
16- Molotto, Hamburg, Germany
17- HELIOS, 37 Cologne, Germany
21- La Baule Noire, Paris, France

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