Wassenaarders.nl | Former student Laurien de Vos visits Montessori School with the Vattenfall Solar team

Wassenaarders.nl |  Former student Laurien de Vos visits Montessori School with the Vattenfall Solar team

On Friday, April 30th, the Vattenfall Solar team visited the Montessori School in Wassenaar. Laurien de Vos, who used to go to school on her own, gave students from the top of classes a demonstration about building solar cars and taught them more about sustainability and technology. Of course I got a real solar car: Champion Contestant, Nona Phoenix.

“When I was in Group E myself, I saw Team Vattenfall Solar in Jeugdjournaal. I am now a member of the team. I would like to inspire young people to see the importance of fossil-free life. Of course it is very fun to do this in your elementary school.”

The Vattenfall Solar team consists of students from TU Delft. They design a new solar car every year. They participate in races such as the Solar Power World Championships in Australia. Laurien studied chemistry at TU Delft. Within the Vattenfall Solar team, she is responsible for sponsors and the press. Moreover, it is currently assisting in building the new vehicle.

During the visit, Lorient explained how a solar powered car is made and how it works. After that, the children had a chance to see solar contestant Nona Phoenix up close. The students responded enthusiastically to the arrival of the well-known solar racing team. Many students wanted to know from Laurien which study they could best pursue in order to secure a place on the team.

Anushka Hoffers, Principal of Montessori School: “I really enjoy seeing how a former student from our school inspires today’s students to realize their dreams. The children must finally do it, understand the future. Lorient shows that everything is possible.”

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This year the team is organizing a design competition where elementary school students can design a racing helmet. The best entries are already performed, which means drivers wear a helmet during the race.

The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge is the World Solar Championship. The race is held in Australia every two years, and teams from all over the world first appear with self-made solar cars. The 3,000 km route cuts through the Australian outback. Vattenfall Solar has won the championship seven times. Due to Covid-19, the race has been canceled this year. Various teams are jointly looking for an alternative.

Lorient de Vos. Image source: Hans-Peter van Velthoven

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