Use Smartfren in Domain C21 to get more rewards

Use Smartfren in Domain C21 to get more rewards

Smartfren offers once again the best collection package for all Indonesians. This time, customers who buy the Realme C21 smartphone and activate the Realme Smartfren entry-level package can get more rewards.

Not only do they get an additional 384GB of credit, but consumers also have the opportunity to have a Smart TV and many other interesting gadgets. The hope is that the award will make it easy for everyone to enjoy Smartfren’s 100% 4G internet connection while simultaneously using it to open new opportunities.

“This consolidation represents Smartfren’s spirit to continue to offer the best internet packages to maximize the leading smartphones for all customers.“ This time we’re offering more rewards and prizes, ”said Sokaka Borucardjono, Mobility Smartfren’s Executive Vice President.

realme C21 is a highly durable smartphone with a large 5000mAh battery, 13MP AI 3D camera, T ،V Rheinland high endurance certificate which contains 23 major tests including drop and wear tests due to use.

Realm C21 Kitchen Amphitheater powered by MediaTek Helio G35 and well wrapped with modern cross engineering design can support user activities for entertainment and learning. Special Realme Starter Cards can be obtained for free to purchase Realm C21 at various Realme Offline Store outlets.

Customers can receive bonuses and quota prizes after activating the SIM card. Once they mobilize 50,000 IDRs, consumers will automatically get 16GB quota with 1GB 24hours details, 5GB chat share, 10GB nighttime quota, 20 minutes calls to other operators and as much as you want to Smartfren numbers.

This bonus is taken for 24 months (384GB total), free of charge, without the need to cut the credit, so that the balance can be redeemed for the available data package options. Customers who install the MySmartfren app for the first time will automatically receive a bonus of 5GB.

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Through the MySmartfren app, customers also get one chance to change their Smartfren number according to their wishes, as long as the number is available. What’s more, after recharging, customers will also have the opportunity to claim one of the attractive prizes.

Prizes that can be taken from the world of smart TV, smartphone include C11 realm, Watch S realm, Buds Air Pro realm, Buds Q realm, Band realm, or Nonstop Quota 6GB data package. Don’t worry about failure. If the client does not pass the award, there are still other opportunities by participating in the Rejeki WOW Treasure Hunt.

We have also been informed that Smartfren is offering a total prize pool of billions of rupees, ranging from credit bonuses, smartphones, laptops, motorcycles, hundreds of millions of savings, to the main prize in the form of a car in the WOW Treasure Hunt program.

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