Walt Disney: Now the Metaverse can come

Walt Disney: Now the Metaverse can come

Metaverse is currently on everyone’s lips. In addition to pioneering Meta Platforms, a number of other companies have registered their claim to the new digital world. Among them are tech giants like Microsoft, Nvidia, or Apple, or smaller players like Vuzix or Roblox. Now, the world’s largest entertainment company, Walt Disney, has joined this elite chain.

According to the news portal CNBC CEO Bob Tangled told employees today that he is appointing Mike White as the new Senior Vice President of Next Generation Storytelling Practice. and Digital Worlds’ Walt Disney Entertainment.

“Today we have an opportunity to connect those universes and create a whole new paradigm for how audiences experience and interact with our stories,” said Chapek.

“My vision is that Disney+ will be the Metaverse platform,” Chuckle said in a previous interview. CNBC. He sees Metaverse as a kind of 3D canvas on which to combine different formats such as books, movies, and theme parks.

Walt Disney
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The Metaverse would fit in well with Walt Disney’s entertainment empire. For example, virtual theme parks and streaming services can be visualized within the Metaverse. In any case, the Metaverse initiative should provide a new fantasy path for the Mickey Mouse group. DER AKTIONÄR is still bullish on the stock.

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