Walloon wind energy is struggling to take off

Walloon wind energy is struggling to take off

The Association of Renewable Energy Companies EDORA has just published its 2020 Wind Energy Report in Wallonia. He was not good.
The government has set a target of 100 megawatts to be installed each year. However, in 2020, he can count on only 62 others!

There is no shortage of wind energy projects. But the population’s hesitation is increasing. The total installed capacity of Walloon wind is currently 1098 MW. It would be even greater if wind turbines capable of producing 460 MW were not blocked by resort.

Escalation of asylum

According to Fawaz Al-Bitar, Edora’s general manager, appeals rose 50% last year. Projects have been suspended for years before the State Council …
So producers of renewable electricity are asking the government to set at least a maximum time for these calls.

Not so simple

The government is cautious. He has already tried to make wind energy projects more legal, but he himself has faced calls. Thus, Philip Henry, Secretary of Energy, maintains the only practical path according to him: an in-depth dialogue with residents. He wants to re-launch Pax Eolienica which was started by his predecessor Jean-Luc Kroc. But it is clearly easier said than done.

From Taurus wagon to F1

2,500 megawatts of wind energy projects await in Wallon boxes. A number that, by itself, worries locals! However, if Wallon’s ambition remains to use 100% renewable energy in 2050, even with biomass, hydroelectric or solar energy … a lot more will have to be done with the wind.
Flanders understood this: Wallonia could count on 62 megawatts of wind power in 2020, Flanders put more than 750 into service!

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