“Voice” conclusion: Vote using apps, phone and SMS

"Voice" conclusion: Vote using apps, phone and SMS
  • The semi-finals are tomorrow. These are the ones who made it to the semi-finals.
  • The new season of “The Voice of Germany” starts singing every Friday at 8:15 PM on SAT.1. All information about season 12 can be found in the overview.
  • In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about voting via JoynMe, phone and SMS from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

From now on coaches are powerless. Spectators decide on their own which of the remaining talents should get a place in the final. If you have a favourite, here you can find out how you can vote for your favorite talent – whether via the JoynMe app, phone or SMS, there are many options available to you. You can also win €10,000!

Note: You can participate via any channel for the duration of the show for every talent Decide by vote. The end of the voting will be announced in the live show. One talent advances from each team.

Voting with JoynMe: How to vote

You have one vote for each coach team. You decide which of the three remaining talents from their head coaches Stephanie Kloss, Peter Maffei, Rhea Garvey and Marc Forster will qualify for the final. Even if you participate in the JoynMe app, your participation in the contest will be taken into account and you will have a chance to win €10,000.

Download the JoynMe app: Here’s how

You can find the app on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Here are the download links:

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Vote by phone: a quick glimpse of all the numbers

As usual, it is also possible to vote for your talent with a phone call. To do this, you need to call the number below and add the last number of talent you want to see in the final.

note: 0.50 € / SMS / call; SMS participants receive SMS information; Participation and distribution of prizes from the age of 14; Entries closing date: November 6, 2022, at 11:59 p.m. All information is also on SAT.1 teletext page 460.

SMS Voting: These are the numbers

With SMS Voting, you have to send the last number of your talent to the corresponding number in order to vote and participate in the competition.

Here is an overview of the numbers:

  • Germany: 444111
  • Austria: 0901 05 04 03
  • Switzerland: 55,655

note: €0.50 / SMS / Call / Rs 90 / SMS; SMS participants receive SMS information; Participation and distribution of prizes from the age of 14; Entries closing date: November 6, 2022, at 11:59 p.m. All information is also on SAT.1 teletext page 460.

Final numbers from the finalists

Once the final numbers for the final are announced, you’ll find them here.

Joyn us: The app still offers that

You’ve never been as close to the community of your favorite show as you can with our new interaction and live app. The app is available since October 1, 2022. In the new JoynMe app, you can leave comments, test your knowledge and discover many interesting things about all the current TV formats.

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Endless possibilities in the new JoynMe app

In the home area you will find all the information about your favorite programmes. In addition to airtime and other content, you can also actively participate in topics related to your favorite shows, for example through voting, quizzes or games. The highlight of the app: You can create a live broadcast, build a community, and receive great gifts.

Vote for your talent on “Voice of Germany”.

Your opinion matters! With the new JoynMe app, you can influence what happens on TV: vote on “The Voice” about which talent has convinced you the most and who you want to see on stage again before the final show.

Today’s performance

Even singing statuses, there is always a “performance of the day” vote in the app in parallel with the TV broadcast. You can vote for your favorite performance from the previous show until 12 noon the next day. Every Monday and Tuesday at 8 pm, talents also face a weekly task – while singing, this is done in parallel with the programs. Here too, you can vote for the one who convinced you the most. Non-finalists who advance in the public vote after the final challenge on October 24 can return to The Voice stage right before the final show of The Voice of Germany and watch the finale with them unlock a warm exclusive. -up appear in a live broadcast of the application. Alessandro Paula, a 2020 TVOG finalist, hosts the Applications Challenge.

Clear the stage for: YOU!

Become your own content creator and build a strong community around the topics that matter to you. Many great opportunities are waiting for you to get active, because as a premium content creator you will receive a blue tick and thus create a massive reach. Go live and interact with like-minded people and share your favorite format! Your followers can give you gifts in the form of diamonds that you can convert into real money!

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TV was never interactive

Be it “The Voice of Germany”, “The Masked Singer” or “Germany’s Next Top Model”: Be ahead of the curve everywhere, because you are part of a large community. Since October 1, 2022, you can download the JoynMe app for free. The app can be found on Google Play (Android) and the App Store (iOS).

You can see how the talent continues after singing every Friday at 8:15 p.m. on Saturday 1 and on Joyn.

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