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Vodafone Idea is said to have stopped offering dual data of 4GB of data per day on top of prepaid plans. Downtime is one of the most attractive benefits available with some 2GB daily data plans. That is, 2 GB of data has been replaced by 2 GB of data that is no longer available. However, the double data offer has been removed along with the change in the new rates.

Customers who activated their affordable daily 2GB data plans had the opportunity to use up to 4GB of data per day. This is useful for those who use data to work from home, stream, and play. The double data offer was withdrawn on the same day as the change in V company’s tariff plans. Current rates were raised to 25 percent.

299, 449 and 699 that used to provide 2GB of data per day, plans now charge Rs 359, Rs 539 and Rs 839 respectively. These plans have a duration of 28, 56, and 84 days, respectively. Prepaid plans offer unlimited calls and 100 texts per day. These plans also provide weekend data replenishment benefits, V movies, TV, and data delights.

With up to 1.5GB of data per day, upgraded V prepaid plans offer longer life than those offered previously. The Rs 249, Rs 349 and Rs 599 plans for 28-56-84 days respectively offer 1.5GB of data per day including unlimited calls and 100 SMS. Earlier these plans were valid for 21, 42 and 70 days. The prepaid plan provides Rs 1,449 for 1.5GB of data per day for 180 days.

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Summary in English: Vodafone Idea discontinues offering double data from prepaid plans

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