(Video) Shooting from using a cell phone at the gas station

(Video) Shooting from using a cell phone at the gas station

The driver who took out his cell phone while filling up his car with gasoline was about to cause tragedy.

Last Monday, CCTV captured the moment a car caught fire in an instant at a gas station in Cortazar, Guanajuato state, Mexico.

In the video you can see when The man inserted a mobile phone in his hand, causing a fire within seconds Consumed by your truck.

According to the experts, Static energy from portable devices can produce such types of tragedies.

According to the newspaper El Universal, the employees of the gasoline pump were able to ask the firefighters’ help. Who found the car practically burnt out.

Firefighters warn that The claim can only be derived from cell phone manipulation when fuel is supplied To the truck.


For this reason, the authorities have called car owners toA. Do not use their mobile devices when they are at a service station.

These are pictures of what the car was like after the firefighters controlled the fire.

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