VIDEO, Mass Effect Legendary Edition, next generation game

VIDEO, Mass Effect Legendary Edition, next generation game

The Mass Effect series is one of the best series ever created, and in about a month, it will be reinvented for a new generation of players.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is set to launch soon for a new generation of computers and remote controls. The original trilogy, completely redesigned, to be enjoyed in fine detail in 4K, will include capable enough configurations.

If it’s not clear to fans of the series the effort put into this project called Legendary Edtion, Bioware has also posted a promotional video called Remastered Comparison Trailer. As the name suggests, it helps you to see in real time the scale of significant differences from the visual experience of more than a decade ago and the current experience of 2021.

The launch of the new trailer was accompanied by a post on the official blog, in which the developer explains in detail the level of work on this project. How much emphasis has been placed on updating the decorations to include more details, on the lighting system that is noticeably more realistic, on the shadows and special effects in general.

But if you don’t have the patience for such technical characteristics, you might be lucky enough to have a 4K screen to see the trailer in all its splendor. If you played Mass Effect in your youth, any of them, the new game won’t tell another story, but it will tell it in a significantly more engaging way.

All of the game’s cut scenes have been reworked in 4K, and the graphics engine features that you can only see in Mass Effect 3 are now filmed in the previous titles. It’s unclear how impressive the gaming experience will be on the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X, but you don’t have much to look forward to anyway, with The Legendary Edition launching on May 14th.

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