Veteran Air Force Warrior Dale speaks on the 30th anniversary of his release

Veteran Air Force Warrior Dale speaks on the 30th anniversary of his release

Dale Store, an Air Force veteran, who was arrested and tortured by Iraqi forces within the month of the Persian Gulf War on Saturday, has not lost hope of returning home.

It was tough, Store said. “It was always difficult to think about the future because it was so uncertain. Thinking about the past was so much easier.” Fox and Friends are on the 30th anniversary of his release.

The 1990-1991 war against Iraq was fought by a 35-nation coalition led by the United States. The coalition was formed in response to Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait due to disagreement over oil prices and production.

“It’s something that we really believe … that our country will bring us home and that President Bush will not leave us there in that prison. I knew he was going to find a way to take us home somehow.” He said.

The 1991 Gulf War looms large for Bush’s legacy in the Middle East

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Store said the war “brought the country together” and “gave the army great confidence in its capabilities.”

“I think he has really united the country behind a common goal,” said the veteran.

“Not everyone will agree to the war, but I think they were really behind the army, unlike Vietnam … My father served in Vietnam. But it was really cool to see the country come together and focus on the military and the service.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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