Verstappen GP Australia radio on board: ‘Should I bring a fire extinguisher or not?’

Verstappen GP Australia radio on board: 'Should I bring a fire extinguisher or not?'

Max Verstappen took home the dramatic Australian Grand Prix. The Red Bull Racing driver managed to hit Charles Leclerc’s tail twice because of the safety car, but granulation The Dutchman lost a lot of time during the race. In the end, Leclerc was able to ride sovereignly to victory, while things went from bad to worse for Verstappen. The driver had to put his RB18 aside early.

Over the weekend at the Melbourne Grand Prix, Verstappen was always unable to match Leclerc. In qualifying, the world champion came close to the Ferrari driver, but ultimately lost three tenths in the final sector. The balance on the RB18 in particular wasn’t quite right and it’s no wonder engineer Gianpiero Lambiase asked about this while racing. “She’s still going high-speed cornering. I don’t think the scale is too bad. We have to be a bit careful,” Verstappen replied.

Verstappen should play the role of a firefighter after irritating tires and safe cars

Due to the car’s setup, Verstappen lost a lot of time compared to Leclerc. The Red Bull car leaned a lot on the front tires, causing them to wear out faster. “We are losing time in the first round and in the sixth round,” Lambiasi told Verstappen. The Dutchman wanted a quick change to the front wing of the RB18 during his pit stop. Do something different with the front wing. I think I need a little more suite. In the end, Verstappen asked his team to speed up. “It’s really bad in the high-speed corners now and there’s nothing I can do at the moment. It’s really bad.

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After the two leaders stopped, Verstappen remained the fighter. The safety car helped bring the stadium closer together. Although that caused inconvenience to the Red Bull driver. Why does the safety car only travel at 140 km/h on this straight line? This car should be able to move more quickly. Verstappen hasn’t been able to enjoy a field that has been pushed together for so long. The driver began to smell a strange liquid inside the cockpit and Lambiasi asked his driver to pull the car to a nearby fire extinguisher. Verstappen asked to make sure, “Do you want me to bring the extinguisher or not?”

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