Verstappen and Hamilton had the same level of performance.

Verstappen and Hamilton had the same level of performance.

This Formula 1 season has been a crazy one in which it has been difficult to identify a clear favourite. Red Bull Racing and Mercedes have been really good on certain days and that’s why this championship has been very impressive according to Mark Priestley.

The top two teams rotated throughout the season. Mercedes was clearly the favorite at the weekend and vice versa, but the two teams sometimes surprised. For example, no one saw Max Verstappen’s victory in the US coming, and Lewis Hamilton’s rocket engine in Brazil made surprised faces.

At the start of the season Verstappen seemed to be in control, but the German team did not stop developing the car. In the last phase of the season they suddenly became stronger. Priestley says that choosing the strongest or best car is impossible New F1 Live Video On his YouTube channel: “There is nothing between these two. It was beautiful that they were completely different from each other with such different characteristics and different strengths and weaknesses.”

“It makes the tournament great”

Meanwhile, the difference between the drivers was too great for a clear choice to be made. The Dutchman was dominant on some days, but the race after that could be very different again. That’s exactly what fans and teams wanted and that’s what makes the sport so great, according to the 45-year-old Briton: “Mix of cars [en coureurs] who have roughly the same level of performance, but on different days one may be stronger than the other and vice versa on another. That’s why I think the tournament is great.”

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