6 functions that can “improve” Xiaomi smartphones

XiaomiUI experts have compiled a list of MIUI settings that it is desirable to change after purchasing a smartphone from the Xiaomi ecosystem. Their recommendations are presented a little briefly below.

Turn on dark mode

Dark mode is known for its ability to save power on OLED and AMOLED devices. On smartphones with LCD screens, this quality is not very pronounced, but, nevertheless, “has a place to be”.

6 settings to change on your Xiaomi smartphone

Another advantage of dark mode is that it reduces blue light, which suppresses the secretion of the hormone melatonin that affects sleep quality.

Accordingly, activating the dark mode has a positive effect on the operating time of the device and prevents insomnia, as confirmed by the experts interviewed by the publication.

Malware removal

Xiaomi has a bad habit of saturating smartphones with an abundance of all kinds of applications, the good half of which does not carry a load, “eats” processor resources, overloads RAM and reduces battery life. Getting rid of all these unwanted things will have a beneficial effect on the performance of your smartphone.

6 settings to change on your Xiaomi smartphone

There are more than enough ways to remove unwanted programs. XiaomiUI interlocutors suggest, depending on the type of device, the use of ADB, root-s, magisk and Fastboot Tools modules.

Disable advertising services

Xiaomi keeps spoiling the UI with ads. We’re talking specifically about advertising in system apps and file management apps. Unfortunately, it is impossible to completely clean them of all this garbage. However, you can get rid of some unwanted ads by disabling online content services in apps and data collection software like “msa” and “getapps”.

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To disable online content services, you will need to resort to the following manipulations:

  1. Go to the app you want to remove ads from.
  2. Go to settings.
  3. Find online content services and disable them.

6 settings to change on your Xiaomi smartphone

To disable data collection apps, you need

  1. From Settings and go to “Passwords and Security”.
  2. Visit “Authorization and Review”.
  3. Disable “msa” and “getapps”.

6 settings to change on your Xiaomi smartphone

Change animation speed

In MIUI, the animations are too slow. To increase or remove the speed of movement, you need to resort to the following series of actions:

  1. Go to “My Device” from Settings.
  2. Visit All Features.
  3. Find the MIUI version and quickly tap until the developer option appears.

6 settings to change on your Xiaomi smartphone

To get into the developer settings, you need to go up to the Additional Settings and scroll down until the animation scale and the transition animation appear.

  • Change the values ​​to 0.5x or disable the animation.

6 settings to change on your Xiaomi smartphone

wifi assistant

  • Settings> WLAN> WLAN Assistant> Turn on Traffic Mode> Turn on Speed ​​Dial.

6 settings to change on your Xiaomi smartphone

With WLAN Assistant, you can significantly increase your Internet speed by using mobile data and Wi-Fi at the same time, however, be careful about additional operator fees.

  • WLAN Assistant > Use mobile data to increase speed

Change the screen refresh rate

Almost all Xiaomi smartphones are equipped with screens with refresh rates from 90Hz to 144Hz, but the manufacturer does not include high refresh rates out of the box.

The use of a high refresh rate, on the one hand, reduces autonomy, but at the same time makes the smartphone smoother.

To set a new refresh rate, you need

  • Go to Settings > Display > Refresh Rate > set the desired frequency to 90/120/144Hz.
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6 settings to change on your Xiaomi smartphone

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