Vastu tips Know the best direction to sleep, it is good for you

Vastu tips Know the best direction to sleep, it is good for you

Vastu Tips: It is said that adequate sleep is also essential for good health. But it is important to take care of many things even during sleep, it is possible that few people know about this. After a long day at work, when you sleep at night, the place where you find your eyes is right there as soon as you lie down. During sleep, we do not care which direction we should sleep with our head and the direction of our head. We often overlook these things, but did you know that these little things also have an impact in our lives. The importance of adequate sleep has been told in both science and religion.

According to vastu shastra, we should also correct our sleep pattern. According to Vastu, our head should be facing south or north and south while sleeping. This means that our feet should be facing north and west. If we sleep with these things in mind, it can be good for us. Let us know some things related to gold as per vastu shastra.

Benefits of sleeping south facing

Vastu Shastra says that if a person sleeps with his head facing south, his health remains good. Not only that, but they also keep away from many types of diseases. This belief is also based on scientific facts. It is said that by sleeping with the feet facing south, the magnetic current enters through the feet and leaves the head. Because mental tension increases and the mind feels heavy when you wake up in the morning.

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Keep heading east

If you like, you can also sleep with your head in the east and your feet in the west. He was said to do this because the sun goes out from the east. At the same time, Sun is also called a life giver in Hinduism. In such a situation, sleeping with feet in the east is not considered auspicious.

Important things about gold

Sleep is closely related to physical and mental health. The wise and the wise have set some rules before bed. Let’s know about these rules at once.

1. Sleeping in the evening is forbidden in books.

2. To keep fit, one should eat two hours before bed. So that a person does not suffer from stomach problems.

3. If there is no more important work one should not get up until late at night.

4. It is said that before bedtime the mind should be calm and God’s attention is essential.

Vastu Tips: Young people should pay attention to these things, otherwise Rahu Ketu and Shani Dev will keep worrying

Vastu Tips: Signatures also make the financial situation strong, taking care of these things will make a difference

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