Van Wolfswinkel remains forever grateful to Streuer: ‘It’s a milestone’

Van Wolfswinkel blijft Streuer eeuwig dankbaar: ''Toch een mijlpaal''

Ricky van Wolfswinkel has returned to the Netherlands after touring England, Spain, Portugal and Switzerland. At FC Basel he could no longer count on a starting place, so he had two ears to return to the Eredivisie.

“Then you start to think: What now? It’s not that I just sat on the sofa. I didn’t have to leave either. But for thirty minutes of playing I still feel very fit and I still love football so much for that. Especially after I was out Home for a long time, I just wanted to start every game, ”the striker points out the long injuries. He was sidelined for several months due to an abnormal widening of one of the arteries.

The striker said in the interview: “I sat down with the club. Later on Louis Larus too. Then a conversation begins. What’s best for the club, and what’s best for me? That’s how the Netherlands got back into the picture.” VVCS Magazine. Jan Streuer managed to get him to FC Twente. Fantastic moment, since the head coach helped him on his first contract with Vitesse years ago. At that time, he came from the Woudenberg Amateur Federation.

“I don’t want to say that the circle is now complete, because that would be a bit early. But it is strange that you are back together after so many years. Jan may have made such a contract for a young player hundreds of times, but I will never forget that moment. Something of Such a milestone in your career,” concludes Van Wolfswinkel.

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