Van Haga gets the same number of votes as party leader Baudette The interior

Van Haga gets the same number of votes as party leader Baudette  The interior

In the past few days, 331 municipalities have defined and announced the number of votes each candidate has received. Baudet obtained 223,876 votes in those municipalities, and Van Haga 221,371 votes. The difference between the two candidates is 2,505 votes.

Baudet received the most votes out of two in 178 municipalities, Van Haga at 152.

In Gelderland municipality in Overbitwe, the two candidates received exactly the same number of votes. Both ended with 633 votes. In Son en Breugel, Bunnik and Voorst, Van Haga got one more vote, and in Roerdalen and in Vlieland, Baudet had the smallest lead possible over Van Haga. In 32 other groups, the difference was ten votes or less.


Baudet has made her biggest progress at Almelo. There he received 448 more votes than Van Haga. In his hymn the difference was 430 votes in favor of Baudet. In the municipality of Westland in the south of the Netherlands, forum voters saw more in Van Haga. There he received 503 more votes than Baudet. In his hometown of Harlem, Van Haga finished by 455 votes.

The municipalities in which Van Haga is most popular are mainly located in the North of the Netherlands. There he hits his party member in 36 municipalities. In Friesland, Limburg, and the South of the Netherlands, Van Haga also paints the tallest straw often. In North Brabant, the roles were reversed and Baudet became the most popular of the two, beating Van Haga in 52 municipalities there. In Overijssel and Gelderland, Baudet is also a much larger soundtrack than Van Haga.

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Van Haga came to the House of Representatives in the previous elections, in 2017, for the VVD. In 2019, he was expelled from the faction and continued as a one-man faction, the Van Haga Group. Last December, he joined the Democracy Forum. In the room, Van Haga is working on the Coronavirus, among other things.

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