Valve failed to avoid paying Corsair’s $ 4 million for patent infringement with the steam controller

Valve failed to avoid paying Corsair's $ 4 million for patent infringement with the steam controller

At the beginning of February this year, Valve was accused of violating Ironburg Inventions’ intellectual property with the steam controller, Which is a subsidiary of the controller manufacturer SCUFAnd the Acquired by Corsair At the end of 2019.

The lawsuit also revealed, Valve had to pay Corsair over $ 4 million in compensation After intentionally infringing the Ironburg Inventions-owned patent design the back handle button design of the steam controller, although we now know Not everything is left there.

We now know that Valve, following the conviction, Apply for a ruling under the lawThat is, the judge canceled the judgment and issued New judgment or new trial, Because the jury conclusions and compensation for damages “nOr it was backed by evidence“ However, we know that the judge rejected the petition this week, saying enough evidence had been provided, and that it was, in fact, simple and straightforward.

In his opening statement, counsel [Valve] “This is the simplest patent case to expect, because all the decisions that they will have to make at this trial can be taken with only two tests,” he told the jury, “as stated in the sentence.”[El abogado de Valve] He asked the jury to “focus on these two primary tests,” which would be “the essence of this whole experience,” and indicated that if the jury did so and bases its decision on “reality,” it would have no problem making the right decision at the end of the case. “

“The court agrees that this case is straightforward and can be decided based on patent 525 and the charged device. The jury appears to have done exactly that, but the defendant did not like the jury’s finding.. The defendant’s dissatisfaction does not constitute a basis for judgment in terms of law or a new trial. ”

At least the valve was not damaged any more, Which is that the judge also rejected Ironburg’s request to increase the cost of compensation for “damages,” which could be Triple the compensation amount.

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The ruling states that the crime is of the type “Garden varietyInstead of something more outrageous like,Piracy“It is an invention and therefore no form of punitive harm can be justified.

“They have been suing this case for a long time. Valve no longer makes the steam controller. I don’t think denying intentional abuse compensation on behalf of SCUF is something they might want to appeal. Once I read Judge Zeli’s order, I don’t know if there is an appeal. Valve might pay $ 4 million and get that finished“It’s not a product that continues to make sales,” said Darius Gambino, partner in the law firm Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr LLP in Pennsylvania.

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