Invitation to the Third Grand Prix of America: “Las Vegas is on Everyone’s List”

Roep om derde Grand Prix in Amerika: "Las Vegas staat bij iedereen op het lijstje"

If it were up to Bobby Epstein, America would have a more prominent place on the Formula One calendar in the future. The promoter of the United States Grand Prix believed it would be good for the sport if a third race was organized in America.

Formula 1 recently announced that it will be racing for ten years starting in 2022 in Miami, where the Grand Prix will be held for the first time next year. Plans to race around Hard Rock Stadium for the US soccer team the Miami Dolphin have been around for a while, but were initially met with much criticism. Locals and the government initially disagreed with the Formula 1 weekend in the city, due in part to protests from environmental activists. Meanwhile, a new proposal was accepted and F1 has officially confirmed that the Miami Grand Prix is ​​coming.

More races in America?

After news of the race in Miami was confirmed, stories began to circulate about the prospect of a third Grand Prix in America – something Bobby Epstein said would be an excellent move. “I think it’s good for the sport to have more races in our time zone,” Epstein told us. Utwick. The Americas president sees more opportunities in his country. “I think there are some other places where you could work. Las Vegas is on everyone’s list now and I think it would be good for sports if that became a reality.”

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Grand Prix Miami in 2022

Epstein welcomes the fact that the second race in America will be on the F1 calendar next year with the Grand Prix in Miami and is especially pleased that the Grand Prix in America will not be held in a row. “The fact that we’re not back-to-back is also better for sports. If F1 comes and drives here on two consecutive holidays, I don’t think the effect will be that great. Miami will easily sell for the first time this year and maybe for the second year, but then the crowd will split if we’re on the calendar in succession.” So the spread is pretty cool, “Epstein said.

Department of the Americas Contract

The contract between F1 and Circuit of the Americas, for which Bobby Epstein is responsible, expires at the end of this year. But the promoter is confident that the ring will also be on the calendar for the coming years. He attended the Spanish Grand Prix last weekend, possibly to discuss a new deal. Epstein predicts, “If the amounts are correct, it is very easy to close a deal.” “We’ve been talking about it for a long time. I think we both want it to happen and that is the best position to start with.”

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