USA wins first gold in men’s team pursuit

USA wins first gold in men's team pursuit

The last two rounds of the men’s and women’s teams begin on Tuesday. Four teams remain in each discipline and the winners are determined through joint races.

Three skaters from each team take to the ice at the same time, with the men’s 3,200 metres, and the women’s 2,400 metres.

The US men’s team is vying for gold medals after setting a world record with a time of 3:34.47 in December.

men chase team

The United States will face the Republic of China in the semi-finals, while Norway will face the Netherlands.

American trio Casey DawsonAnd Emery Lyman And Ethan Siburan The team finished with the second-fastest time in the quarter-finals after the 2018 gold medal-winning team Norway. Joey Mantia Dawson and Lehman also competed with the United States, and led the world record race.

Teams usually take turns leading the group, but the US recently kept one skater in front throughout the race. The modification led to strong finals, with the Americans winning two of the three World Cup races this season.

The team follow-up competition debuted at the 2006 Winter Olympics, and the United States has since won one silver medal. No team has many gold medals in this event.

Norway and the United States raced together in the quarter-finals of the trial, finishing first by 0.04sec. The Americans were faster in the second half of the race and almost took the top spot.

“We still have something to improve for the next race, because we’ve had some problems in the last two sessions,” Lund Pedersen Ambassador Norway. “I think we are looking forward to the semi-finals.”

Women’s pursuit team

Japanese Threesome Miho TakagiAnd Nana Takagi And Ayano Sato He set the Olympic record at 2:53.61 and finished first in the semi-finals. They are against the Republic of China.

“I am very happy that we reached the quarter-finals and broke the Olympic record, which will give us more confidence in the next races,” said Miho Takagi.

The other match is the Netherlands against Canada.

The Canadians had the second fastest time, while the Dutch left a bad taste.

“I’m not very happy with the race”, Erin Scottin From Holland. “I don’t know yet (what happened). We have to analyze it and improve ourselves.”

The Netherlands has so far won three out of four medals in speed skating at the 2022 Winter Olympics. Scott has two medals after running long distances, aged 35 Erin West She won the sixth gold medal of her career in the 1500m.

Japan is the defending gold medalist after the previous Olympic record in 2018. She defeated the Netherlands in the final while the USA finished third.

The Americans did not qualify for the 2022 event.

how to watch

The event begins at 1:30 a.m. ET and will be broadcast on the USA Network.

The women’s team manhunt will be rebroadcast at 3:30 p.m. on NBC and at 11 p.m. for the men’s team.

Find the full ski schedule here.

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