US: Taliban allow foreigners and Afghans to leave with travel permission | Policy

US: Taliban allow foreigners and Afghans to leave with travel permission |  Policy

The Taliban promised the United States and 100 countries, including the Netherlands, to allow all foreigners to leave Afghanistan. This also applies to Afghans on evacuation lists in a country. The US State Department said this in a joint statement.

It was not clear from the statement how they could travel outside the country. According to the US State Department, the Taliban says the group of travelers may proceed to “departure points” in a “safe and orderly manner”. They are then allowed to leave the country from that location.

Outgoing Secretary of State Sigrid Kaag responded, “We will do everything we can with 100 countries to allow Dutch and Afghans who have worked with us, or who are at risk, to travel freely to places outside Afghanistan.” They respect their guarantees and that these groups can travel freely.”

Details are still working

A State Department spokesman said details of the departures of the foreigners and Afghans were still being worked out. “This is the letter of intent.”

On Thursday, the Netherlands was forced to halt the evacuation of Dutch nationals and Afghan aides, who worked on a Dutch mission, from Kabul. Most other countries have also completed evacuation missions. American soldiers, who had secured the airport in the Afghan capital, had to leave the Taliban on August 31. Many people were left behind who had not yet been able to board one of the two planes.

Sixty other people

The Refugee Foundation wants to evacuate another 60 people working for the organization in Afghanistan who are on a high-risk list. A spokeswoman says it is about 20 employees and their relatives. We’re trying to get them out of the country, and flying isn’t the only option. There are other ways, literally.”

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The Foundation for Refugees in Afghanistan operates through two partner organisations. This involves cooperation with foreigners as well as Afghans. For example, the staff at great risk now that the Taliban are in power in Afghanistan have spoken very clearly about women’s rights, about the Taliban, and it was very clear that they are Westerners or working for the United Nations.

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