Once again we move to Vodafone

Once again we move to Vodafone

Discontent among customers, Poste Mobile line change continues, switch back to Vodafone after Wind arc

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Change and change again. last mobile He decided to go back to the old MVNO and go back to Vodafone. But this time, whatever the quality of Vodafone’s line, customers are starting to show their disappointment. Of course, Poste does not change without reason, in fact, it is easy to say: this is a virtual manager company, which means that it does not have a proprietary network and needs to rely on other operators.

For those who are already customers on the network, the transition is gradual, while new customers, in addition to winning beautiful offers, have Vodafone directly as support. But old customers won’t have to worry about taking any action. It will be the post office group that will make the switch automatically.

Poste Mobile: Is Vodafone the Best Choice?

Customers are starting to worry in general, for many of the changes to the line we remember, since it’s virtual, it needs support to be able to enter national roaming. But, in any case, it is difficult to determine which network is better than the others. The only concern for those who have Poste Mobile is that they struggle with their network resolution, without being able to do anything.

But also who can choose between VodafoneAnd WindTre And others, you have to take into account several factors in order to really decide which network is the best. In fact, performance can be poor for one and the other, in mountains or in more isolated places, where plug wires can reach homes with greater difficulty.

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What makes customers unhappy? The fact that in a few years there were already three changes. The debut took place with Vodafone, then the move to Wind which at the same time became WindTre, then today it is still Vodafone. Logically, for those who signed a contract with Poste Mobile today, everything will be independent. Sim, Poste top-up and offers, including the mobile app, while only the line will support Vodafone.

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