US spacecraft successfully crashes on a space rock

Dimorphus just before the space probe explodes.

(Photo by afp – NASA)


The DART mission, which stands for Double Asteroid Redirection Test, aims to test whether detonation of a space rock is possible. In this way, humanity can be saved in the future from destruction and devastation by the impact of an asteroid.

DART is the first test to see if getting rid of a space rock has worked. The probe was launched from California in November and struck at 6 kilometers per second on lunar rock Demorphos, a moon 160 meters high and 11 million kilometers from Earth, at night from Monday to Tuesday at 01:14 a.m. the time. The state. This is very close, which makes getting there easy. In addition, the rock can be easily seen from Earth using telescopes.

The incident was broadcast live by NASA. “We are entering a new era, an era in which we have the ability to protect ourselves from something like a dangerous asteroid impact,” commentator Lori Glaze said after the impact.

The impact aims to hit Demorphos in a slightly shorter orbit around Didymus’ rock. Demorphos is the moon of this rock. Earlier this month, DART launched an Italian satellite, which should track the impact directly from the front row. European telescopes are watching from Earth to trace the path of Dimorphos and in 2024 the European satellite Hera should measure what has changed more closely.

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