US companies hacked – Swisscom, Sunrise and Salt . affected

US companies hacked - Swisscom, Sunrise and Salt . affected

The US company iBasis has been attacked by hackers and could be misused as a data carrier owned by Swiss operators.

The basics in brief

  • A US company hack could affect Swisscom, Sunrise UPC and Salt.
  • Swiss operators are currently checking whether their customers’ data has been affected.

Swisscom and Sunrise UPC are aware of the hack and are checking if their customers have been affected. “We are aware of a ransomware attack on iBasis,” Swisscom spokeswoman Sabrina Haupcher said Sunday evening when asked by Keystone-SDA news agency, confirming an online report from the daily Le Temps.

Hubacher said Swisscom does not have a direct business relationship with iBasis, apart from roaming connections through operators that can use iBasis as a data carrier.

The Swiss provider is in close contact with its partners to verify whether or not Swisscom customer data will be affected. “We are looking at each new discovery,” the spokeswoman said.

Sunrise UPC made a similar statement to Swisscom and stated that it will work with iBasis in the areas of interconnection MMS/international calls. Rolf Siebold, a spokesman for Sunrise UPC, told Keystone-SDA that it is still being investigated whether customer data has been affected. Salt has not yet responded to any inquiries.

According to “Le Temps”, the hacker attack in the United States severely affected Swisscom, Sunrise UPC and Salt. iBasis is a company unknown to the general public, providing international services to hundreds of telecom operators around the world.

The cyber attack has temporarily released information about the communications of these providers’ clients on the dark web, writes “Le Temps”.

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