US border with Mexico remains closed to asylum seekers | right Now

US border with Mexico remains closed to asylum seekers |  right Now

A federal judge in Louisiana on Friday blocked the US government’s decision to end the “stay in Mexico” rule. This controversial law, which the United States and Mexico agreed to in 2020, indicates that people should, in principle, wait for their asylum application to the United States in Mexico. The US Department of Justice said it would appeal the court’s decision.

Former President Donald Trump introduced the so-called Section 42 during his tenure. He did so during the coronavirus pandemic to “protect public health in the United States.” However, incumbent President Joe Biden decided early last month that the argument no longer held and indicated that Section 42 would be repealed on May 23.

A group of Republican conservatives from more than 20 states have taken to court after Biden’s decision to stick to the law. They are afraid of the tidal wave of immigrants. Judge Robert Summerhayes ruled in their favor on Friday and signed a ruling keeping the law in effect.

The decision leaves thousands of migrants in Mexican border towns unsure whether they can apply for asylum in the United States on Monday. A group of immigrants gathered outside the US Consulate in Tijuana to express their concerns.

Since the introduction of Address 42, nearly 1.8 million immigrants and asylum seekers have been expelled from the United States at an accelerated pace.

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