Upgrade class Rotterdam stunt against Kampong

Kampong, Tilburg and Rotterdam are out

Rotterdam women qualified for the Gold Cup semi-finals. The only promotion team remaining in the Kampong Cup was defeated on Thursday in Utrecht after a penalty shootout. After the regulation time, the score was 1-1.

This was the third time in a row that Rotterdam were too strong for a major league in the Gold Cup. Earlier, HGC (2-1) and Klein Zwitserland (also PK, editor) had to bow to the unbeaten leader in the promotion category, who beat Cartouche 6-0 in the first round.

In Utrecht, Kampong scored 1-0 with a good penalty. The seventh seed in the Eredivisie appears to have crossed that streak, but in the final stage, Lauri-Sofie van der Heide pulled off an equaliser. In the subsequent penalty shootout series, the Rotterdam team kept their nerves in check.

Other contestants in the semi-finals

After the final score 0-0, Victoria also needed a penalty shootout to beat Blomendale. SCHC joined the last four with a 2-1 win over Hurley in normal time. Last week, Den Bosch already reached the semi-finals at the expense of Orange Road (4-2).

The Gold Cup semi-final matches will be held on April 7. These matches were previously scheduled for March 31. The cup final is scheduled for April 28.

Gold Cup Quarter Final Results

kampung-Rotterdam * 1-1
Objectives: | Laurie-Sophie van der Heide

SCHCHurley 2-1
Goals: Ginella Zerbo, Rene van Larhoeven | Hannah Martin

Victoria *-Bloomingdale 0-0

den bush – Orange-Red 4-2
Goals: Frederic Matla (2x), Laura Noninck, Margot van Geffen (SC) | Fiona Morgenstern, Lisa Post (sc)

* Wins after penalty shootouts

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