Unnecessary defeat for Kampong: Have enough chances


UTRECHT – According to Kampung coach Roelant Oltmanns, Sunday’s defeat against small Switzerland was absolutely unnecessary.

They go out and score.”

Royalant Oltmans

Kampong eventually lost 2-1 to small Switzerland. Kampong hockey player Robert Kempermann said afterwards: “The first half was even, with the same amount of chances. We didn’t reward ourselves in the second half. We had enough chances.”

Oltmanns agrees with him. “We should have pulled the match back to us. We kept looking for that goal. They went out once and scored.”

Roelant Oltmans in conversation with reporter Tim Staines

The Utrecht team does not have much time to recover from this defeat. Kampong plays against Amsterdam on Thursday and Bloemendal on Sunday. “That’s the beauty of this competition,” Oltmanns said. “You have to be strong all the time. There are about seven teams competing for play-off tickets.”

My heart is on the way back

Goalkeeper David Hart was injured in the play-off games against Blomendale last season. He was again a match pick against Klein Zwitterland, but he did not play.

“Last week he trained fully with the group for the first time,” Oltmanns said of Hart. “It looks like he’ll be back in goal soon.” He has not played this season due to a hamstring injury.

Kimberman is absent from Orange at the moment

Kempermann also responded to the fact that he is not currently part of the Dutch team’s selection. “I’m not available right now,” said Kimberman, who will become a father in January. “I’m going to winter to see how the flag hangs, both mentally and physically. I definitely haven’t given up yet.” “Of course that has something to do with it.”

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