Universities make it difficult for startups

Universities make it difficult for startups

Universities focus heavily on the returns of young tech companies. They want to make a lot of money from patents and participate in the companies of their scientists. Many university startups are having a hard time finding investors because of this. “University lecturers set very high standards for patents, which means many startups just don’t continue to grow,” says FD journalist Hela Howick.

This is primarily a European problem, Howick says. In the United States, universities are waiting and waiting and this gives startups a chance to get big. If done right, the university can also make a lot of money with it. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work much in the Netherlands, ”Hueck says. The government is concerned about this development.

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Cabinet comes to the rescue

The government wants to bear 20 percent of the startup’s venture capital costs. Hueck has doubts about the distribution of this money. “Will this money go to those tech startups that can really use this or will it be donated to startups who might need it less?”

Abuse of power

Hueck also explains that universities sometimes abuse their power. I hear sometimes that universities sometimes revoke patents. Then your entire form instantly disappears. Universities have much more power and “they have to be more careful about this.” Universities are teeming with students with good ideas and ambitions and it is important to give these students opportunities and above all not to stand in their way.

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